untitled for various reasons..

controversial mayhem, or multi faceted poetry?... answer: the latter.
everyone likes getting the facts and being led straight to the point, but to me, there is nothing more fascinating than a little in depth intellectual brain challenge.Bjork's awkwardly interesting piece, "all is full of love" definitely does the trick.i'm totally elated to share with guys my interpretation of this video:
this video single handedly crafted every single heartbeat of mine to sync with the rhythm of the song. From the internal shivering of my soul, to the overwhelming feeling of pure bliss entering the huge pits of pessimism my heart so proudly houses, i was smitten.. 
it combats the dark feeling of doubt and rejection when it comes to love and creates a pathway for love's optimism to resurface. no matter the cost, time , nor place "all is full of love." 
.....this is also a very obvious symbolism of lesbianism. If you look closely, you will see that the two lovers are females. And  ironically, with all the machinery attempting to distract them from one another, they manage to coexist as  if there is not a care in the world. You see, every item has a meaning; for instance, the machinery seems to represent society: a host of people are against homosexuality, and do everything in their power to destroy the functionality of gay couples...yet if there is love, and all is full, nothing else matters.

call it what you may, but this is my vision.




***disclaimer, i support all people and all relationships... whether the couple is red, black, blue,or yellow...or whether the couple is gay, straight,narrow, or crooked... everybody needs L.O.V.E****