life is no box of chocolate. in fact, its more like a random pack of skittles: you never know which color you're going to be dealt, yet you always pray its any color but purple. no one likes purple...in fact, who decided to have that poorexcuseforapieceofcandy as a flavor anyway? they should be sued. no really. i'm on a quest to find out immediately. 

anyway, back to what i was saying.

 life....there's no rich red carpet laying beneath your feet in hopes that you're led on a righteous pathway to happiness. there’s no such thing as tabula rasa, i'm sorry but you were born a sinner and you will die a sinner. There is no such thing as peace on earth, and sadly there probably never will be...until people stop caring so much about themselves, and seek out to help others. until people stop bottling up their feelings and taking them out by belittling innocent bystanders.until there is no self-consciousness. until there is no more hatred. until there is no more foolishness. possibly maybe then the world would be at peace? no.  cynical? not at all. true? very.  people have so many self inflicted issues that they need to address in that f**ked up psyche that they call a heart before any of this is possible. 


okay so here is my good deed for the day....sometimes, talking to others about your problems is the best way to solve these issues...and if you have noone to talk to, submit your secrets to www.postsecret.blogspot.com ....and check out this video. love yas.