really though?

...crusing along with friends, i decided that i  wanted a refreshing piece of gum to start the night off. it was then that i pulled up to an unfamiliar neighborhood with a gas station at the immediate left street corner. Naturally, I was excited...until i walked towards the entrance. the door was locked and a host of people were standing in line...at a window...bullet proof to be exact...  that encompassed a small hole only big enough for menial conversation like "how may i help you"...
(those are the words that constantly play repeat in my mind as i reflect on the helpless store clerk. the expression on his face was just as distant as the big cement wall and tacky thick window that stood between us.)
...so here's this cubby hole...with such a major responsibility....this hole  was the only thing combatting the alcohol and drug driven "criminals"...this hole was responsible for distributing my spearmint, winterfresh gum along with the change i was rightfully owed. this hole took a heavy hit on my heart. is this really what society has come to? damn. 


mariiaegold said...

so you just put my hood on blast...but you have a very valid point..its a shame that this is what it has come to

hitekfame said...

haha. just seeing that really hurt my feelings!