my latest trinkets/obsessions...

  1. i love mac fluid liner

  2. my guitar is my new baby

the new goodwill outlet goes HARD (bought 12 shirts,2 skirts, jewelry, and 2 pair of shoes. total: $4.00)

i'm weak for the paper boy bootie shoes!  3 pair and counting...

  1. 5 dollar footlongs...yeah thas my b*tch...
Nylon Magazine....its so original

oh and these little ghetto videos have me WEEEAAAKKKK. please view!

 ..... the beat goes on, but those were at the top of my head.



mariiaegold said...

Girl I've been on these all day. I was definately tripping off of the Keri Hilson and Oprah and the Brandy v. Monica...who comes up with this!!!!???

hitekfame said...

you can create your own!!!