People kill me. I literally die a slow death.  Just hold on a second while I explain myself...
These thoughts were brought on by the infamous social network, twitter. All of these  half thugs,half relationship experts need to join a hot dog convention and stay off twitter. It all becomes a blur and makes my face hurt really badly. And that's not fair. I mean it. How are you single,with no prospects telling everyone else how to function in their relationship? Perhaps that's why you're in the boat you're in now, and frankly,I cant swim so I'm not trying to sink with your lonely ass. Plus, my hair will get wet, and I'll have to wash it and such. That's no fun. Cut it out.
And then there are these half thugs: why are you so angry at the world? Perhaps you should spend less time on twitter,and more time at Wednesday night's bible study, or sign up for the nearest bear hug convention? Sometimes I think twitter is a slit-your-wrist enabler. I just don't understand. Life can't be that bad.
You know what, I'm convinced its me. I live in my own world of jokes,laughter,and fairytales. Maybe my world isn't the real world. That's the only thing I can think of. And if that's the case, I'd rather be an outcast the rest of my life.