Boy meets Girl:

A young girl receives her first kiss…this awakens the feelings she has grown to associate with soft music, teddy bears, passages in romance novels, and love scenes in movies. For a host of time now, she and her friends have been sitting in eerie movie theaters, sharing a group feeling closer to a communal swoon than sex. In the meantime, the young boy has been doing the antithesis: learning to be brave and independent. Show no emotion, and think less with ones heart, and more with one’s brain. He has learned to combat any feeling of emotion, for that is not of a man. While the girl was exploring the warm closeness through sleepovers, and sharing of clothing with friends, the boy was chasing animals and torturing them… Having thumb war competitions with enemies, and wrestling with his compadres. Girls retain symbiotic oneness they had with mother—keeping it warm rehearsing it over and over until boys are ready. The problem is, boys and girls operate differently. So he wont be ready for the “affection” she is willing to give any time soon.

Girls typically withhold sex until they feel a connection with the opposite sex. While boys are able to act on this, separating ones heart from his actions. This is where conflict of interest becomes a factor. The boy will soon have an abrupt reminder of the total power women have over sex. Because of this, he resents the bargain bitterly. And thus the groundwork is laid for an unspoken war between men and women.

Men tend to think with their minds, women with their hearts. Not all, but definitely the masses.