Life deals us this shit load of cards, yet its up to us to decipher between the ones that simply look good, and the ones that actually are good... for us to choose the ones that suit us best--at all times. Sometimes we fail, other times we succeed. But in the event that we do fail, it is up to us, the smart ones, to throw them out the window and keep our fingers crossed for a better deck next time. 

....this is comparable to that of a friendship. The word itself is a tricky one. What the hell is a real friend anyway? When we find ourselves questioning the value of our "friends"/cards, we know what its time to do: that means its time to throw those lackluster ones out the window, and search for the more appropriate ones. 

 Much to my chagrin, I’ve had to throw my deck of cards out with the rest of my garbage. It was hard. It was hard, not only because id gotten so used to them, but because I’d forcefully glamorized them--tricking my brain in to thinking that I "needed" them and that they were my "best deck”. Luckily, It didn't take my conscious long to have a face off with my subconscious and put her in her damn place. (My subconscious was trippin. seriously) ... so now I’m here...right where I want to be...scratch that, where I need to be.

 A not-so-wise person once told me "you can't change your friends. you can only dis-associate yourself "...as much as I’d hate to give her credit, she was correct. You see, associates are forever going to be in our lives. Real friends are few and far between. Choose them wisely; you never know when your deck of cards will run bare.

remember that the associates stab you in the back, its the real friends that will stab you in the front,


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