art is freedom of expression

For those of you who don't know, my ultimate dream in life is to become a professional actress.
With that, A host of people have asked me the same question: "as an actress, would you participate in a nude scene if asked?" my response:ABSOLUTELY. the beauty of art, is that there is no such thing as flaw. The most fascinating thing about the term itself is that it does not fit in to one category,or description. It touches on all facets of life. there is no such thing as "beautiful" or "unattractive" art, because it is all a mere base on perception. perception is different amongst the masses. I live for this.

*i hope you enjoy my picture,darlings. Today, I lavished myself in my Chanel no.5 perfume and fabulous pearls. just like me, these things are never dated.
Vintage is the new black.*