twitter 101

1) don't twitpic nude or semi nude pics of yourself... this also goes for posting pics of you receiving and or giving head. honey, i put this on everything, I WILL CLOWN YOU.

2) don't embrace twitter names with the word "barbie" in them. barbies are fake, so i'll assume you are as well.

3) don't ask me to follow you. If you interact with me enough, and I find you intersting, I will eventually return the favor. And even if someone doesn't follow you back, WHO CARES? as long as they respond to tweets you send them, it really doesn't matter.

4)twitter isn't a popularity contest. be yourself at all times. If you talk about others, be sure to TALK ABOUT YOURSELF AS WELL.

5)don't suck twitter d*ck... i.e don't retweet dumb stuff or laugh at things that aren't funny just for acceptance. the joke is really on you.

6) i'm sorry, but i don't want to know about your sex life. that's your business, not the entire free world's.

7) don't be ignorant. it's just twitter. have fun!

i think that is all for now.