you think you know, but you have no idea.

They say you can always tell what someone has been through based on the look in their eyes. I say thats wrong…in fact, the most intriguing thing about human nature is that we never know the things that people have been forced to endure. 

This time last year, I watched my home of 15 years dwindle away into smoke and ashes. I watched my entire life collapse before my very eyes. 

here's my story:

It started at 4:45 p.m. Smoke was visible for miles.

The flames were so intense a teenager and her stepfather barely had time to escape before the fire consumed their house.

It started with just a few flames "and when I looked up, I saw that our roof was heavily smoking so I called for my stepdad and he didn't hear me. 

"So, I ran to the back to get him," said Paige Caldwell.

When she came back outside she saw her family's home quickly becoming an inferno.

"We just got all our school supplies, new clothes, new electronics," she said.

Nashville firefighters got on the scene within six minutes, but a strong breeze beat them and fanned the flames.

"The wind blew across there. It just had time to really take off and get a good head start before they realized and was able to get out," said Nashville Fire District Chief Larry Gilbert.

On the scene since the flames first started, NewsChannel 5's news helicopter Sky 5 HD captured the roof of the house collapsing and 14 years of a family's life going up in smoke.

"All of our memories, all of our pictures, everything is just gone," she said.

Nashville firefighters spent hours fighting the flames so the district chief rotated them out to make sure the heat didn't get to anyone.

The flames drew a crowd of concerned neighbors all here to take a look.

"My whole life, it's just gone," Paige said.

The Whites Creek family's dog didn't make it out of the fire.

(**via newschannel5.com**)

After this experience, i realized that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted. I realized that i should not dwell on the things that I don't have--but instead look forward to the many blessings I will receive.



D'Llisha Davis said...

CRAZY story!! Im sorry to hear that about your home but its good that you're still doing good and didnt let that slow you down. best wishes

hitekfame said...

im super late reading this. hahah. but thanks doll. i appreciate that.=)

Michael V. Whatley Jr. said...

Im late as SH*t but the people like us who go through really hard times are the ones who make it far in life, The downs help you appreciate and know what to do with the ups ahead