basic people give basic results.

**i don't usually blog about celebrities because i don't care about them enough to do so. **

so what if lady ga ga has a penis and vagina. what difference does it make? it does not reflect her character, and for those of you who disagree, you are an ignorant waste of space. you people act like this was a conscious decision of hers...get over yourselves. judgmental people like you are the reason that suicide rates are at an all time high. ugh. you disgust me.

maybe everyone should be raised how i was: don't judge people based on their appearance, orientation, race, or gender....don't judge at all as a matter of fact. its a waste of time and it gets you absolutely nowhere. and to those of you who disagree, your mother is probably ashamed of you. i'm not all that biblical, but isn't there a quote in the bible about the person being without sin casting the first stone or something? 

i have gay friends, straight friends, black friends, and white friends. atheist, christian, jewish,and catholic. so you understand why i think it would be absolutely fabulous to have a friend with two private parts. 

 lady gaga, if you read this, find me on twitter.com/hitekfame. =)



Jenn said...

That's B. Scott & he's fabulousss (: